Fitness Appraiser Certification

The PFPO provides a four-day course to individuals who are interested in becoming Ontario Police Fitness Award PIn (OPFA) Appraisers. Upon completion, the successful participants will be able to assess the major components of fitness in healthy individuals. Participants will receive instruction in how to demonstrate and assess performance during the Ontario Police Fitness Award Pin test and will be able to interpret assessment results based on norms and percentiles for Canadians between 15 to 69 years of age.


• C.S.E.P.’s Plan for healthy active living
• Understanding human behaviour and helping people to change poor habits
• Healthy physical activity participation
• Healthy lifestyle activities
• Basic exercise physiology
• Health-related fitness
• Appraisal tools
• Case studies


This course is open to candidates interested in using the physical fitness appraisal to promote health and fitness within their workplace.  Mandatory and recommended requirements are as follows:

1. The candidate must work for a police service or in an organization that sanctions the program and must have the approval/authorization from their police agency or organization to attend the course.
2. The candidate must have up-to-date qualifications in standard or emergency first aid.
3. Prior training in human anatomy, human physiology, exercise physiology, wellness, fitness, health promotion, human behaviour, communications and/or counselling is recommended.
Note:  All OPP members wishing to enroll in fitness appraiser certification or recertification courses with the PFPO are required to contact the OPP Representative prior to registration.


Accommodation and meals are included in the PFPO registration fee when the course is held at the Ontario Police College. Courses held at other venues will indicate if accommodation and meals are not included. This will be the responsibility of the police agency or organization to cover.

DRESS: Fitness apparel (golf shirt, track pants/track suit)

CLASS SIZE: 24 participants is usual

ASSESSMENT: Successful completion of a practical and theoretical examination is required.

COURSE DURATION/FEES: 4 days of training. Fees will be paid directly to the PFPO

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