Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Pin Program

The Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Pin Program is a provincial incentive program designed and developed by the Police Fitness Personnel of Ontario (PFPO) to motivate Ontario police officers and police civilian employees to remain physically fit throughout their entire careers. The Program has been successfully operating for more than 30 years and attracts more participants each year from across the province. The policing services division of the Ministry of the solicitor General and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police sanction the OPFA program.

Scoring Tables for the OPFA Pin Program

To maintain a high level of consistency in testing for the Pin Program, an accredited appraisers’ course is held at the Ontario Police College and at other locations in the province, several times a year.  Participants are trained in:

  • The Ontario Police Fitness Award pin test 
  • Due Diligence requirements with Maximal Effort Testing

The OPFA Pin Program acknowledges that in the policing profession, physical skills and abilities are important job prerequisites. Currently, applicants to police services are required to successfully complete a PREP test or Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police.  This test is then required again during Basic Constable training at the Ontario Police College. However, once the recruit returns to his or her respective police service, to begin policing in the community, the responsibility for maintaining an adequate level of fitness to be fit for duty, is on the individual’s shoulders.  Many police services recognize the challenges this can present and will offer incentives to officers and civilians, for completing or attempting the Ontario Police Fitness Award.

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