Our Purpose

The Purpose of the Police Fitness Personnel of Ontario is:

To unite and promote health, fitness, and lifestyle management to police personnel in Ontario.

To qualify designated officers/ civilian staff of Ontario Police Services to administer the Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Pin Program.

To assist the police services of Ontario in developing sound and effective physical training programs. This implies providing guidance concerning fitness appraisal, counseling, exercise safety and injury prevention, as well as the promotion and enhancement of personal health management skills. It also implies the development of a corporate philosophy where physical fitness and positive lifestyle are value-enhanced and facilitated.

To become an objective professional collective authority to express opinions on various subjects including, but not limited to, tests of fitness and physical ability standards, equipment, the professional qualifications of leaders, lifestyle modification programs, program delivery systems, the physical demands of policing and training methods to meet job and lifestyle demands.

To develop methodology, collect and interpret physical ability and fitness information with reference to all job-related research.

To retain research information and findings in a central location and make it accessible to all police services.

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